The duo of Tom Holland & Zendaya, as the co-stars fans admire the most.

The dating rumors of the two co-stars are often heard on the internet.

But recently one report suggests that the Spider-man's MJ and Peter are engaged in real life as well.

A recent tweet from The Pop Hive claims that, “Tom Holland and Zendaya are reportedly engaged!”.

The Pop Hive tweet was posted along with an adorable photo of the couple smiling at each other.

The fans are going wild after this engagement news started floating around Twitter.

However, the unverified account with over 165k followers, doesn't attach any details of confirmation  of this claim yet.

But the tweet has over 490k likes at the time of this publication along with 42.3k retweets.

Apart from this tweet, there haven’t been any credible outlets or sources that have confirmed the engagement.

The marriage speculation of both co-stars started recently after a US Weekly insider said they seem  serious and permanent.”