Twitter unveiled its premium subscription service, Twitter  Blue, for users in India.

The company has announced different prices of this service for phones  and web.

The monthly subscription fee for iOS and Android users in India is ₹900.

On the other hand, the fee for the web version is ₹650 per month.

Users also get an option to subscribe to the premium service for an annual fee of ₹6,800.

The annual subscription will cost approximately ₹566 per month.

However, currently the annual plan is only available on the web.

Along with the blue tick, Twitter Blue subscribers will also get access to features like edit tweet, bookmark folders, custom app icons, &  NFT profile pictures.

Twitter Blue subscribers also get a longer character limit of 4,000.

The paid subscription allows users to upload longer videos of up to 60 minutes and have a size of  up to 2 GB.