Uorfi Javed always remains headlines for her weird dressing sense.

Her bizzare dresses include everything from flowers to wires, she can literally wear anything.

Netizens also ask Uorfi the question: why does she wear less clothes?

Now Uorfi finally came up with a reply for her wearing no clothes or  very less clothes.

She took her instagram to reveal that she is suffering from a serious  skin condition.

She shared a photo on Instagram in which she is seen showing her  legs filled with boils.

She captioned the post: "Anyone gets these allergies in winters?"

Later, she shared another video in which she revealed that she got boils on body after she wore some  woolen clothes.

She wrote, "I am literally allergic to clothes." "So now you guys know right that why I don`t wear clothes. I have this serious condition."

"My body starts reacting after wearing clothes. The proof is there. So that`s why main itna nangi rehti hoon,"  she added further.