Vadh starring Neena Gupta & Sanjay Mishra was released on  December 9.

Vadh boasts a story of a middle-aged couple Shambhunath (Sanjay)  & Manju (Neena).

Shambhunath has borrowed money from a loan shark, Prajapati Pandey, to help his son educate & settle abroad.

With no financial support from their child, Shambhunath & his wife face the extortioner’s harassment  month after month.

An incident makes the couple snap & slay their tormentor. A powerful local cop needs to locate Prajapati  at any cost.

Will Shambhunath get away with the crime or will he be caught? This is what the movie is all about.

Story is simple yet effective. Yes it has multiple loopholes & the screenplay sometimes seems off-track.

The Performance of Sanjay & Neena is the best part of the movie. They are simply outstanding.

Overall, Vadh is a good watch that will force you to sympathize with the mid-aged couple even though the story  has some loopholes.

Team Kiddaan rates Vadh 3  stars out of 5.