According to vastu shastra, there is something that stops money from either coming or staying.

There is a list of 5 things kept in your house that can make you insolvent or bankrupt. So, here's the list:

Pictures of Mahabharata, Astrology suggests, we should never keep the pictures of Mahabharata.

Having pictures of Mahabharata can lead to disputes among family members of family that can lead to tensions between relationships.

Pictures of Taj Mahal, according to astrologers, we should not keep the pictures of Taj Mahal as it  is the tomb of Mumtaz.

Keeping the pictures of Tajmahal can bring negativity in home and  can affect relations.

Tangled wires, according to astrologers, we should not keep wires tangled in our house.

Keeping Tangled wires in the house can tangle the positive energy coming in the house which can ultimately  lead to negativity.

Withered flowers, we should keep our plants with care as withered flowers are the symbol of inauspiciousness.

Flowing tap water, Astrology suggests flowing tap water should be repaired ASAP as it is a negative symbol that  reflects negativity.