Hritik Roshan & Saif Ali Khan starrer Vikram Vedha hit the cinemas  on September 30th.

It is the remake of the namesake Tamil movie released in 2017 starring R. Madhavan & Vijay Sethupati.

The Hindi remake is directed by director duo Pushkar & Gayathri, who directed the original movie as well.

Hrithik Roshan has played the role of Vedha, while Saif Ali Khan is playing Vikram in the movie.

The story is very much similar to the original Vikram Vedha, but what makes it special is the enhanced  level of swag & action.

First half was too slow but once the movie switches the escalator button on, you get no time to think..&  that's the real fun.

Hrithik was good in his role, but at some places he was missing the mark, however, the flaws get ignored due  to his massy beard look.

Saif was at his absolute best, if you have watched the original, then you'll definitely say that Saif justified Madhavan's role.

Overall, Vikram Vedha is a good watch and if you haven't watched the original yet, this is going to be a blockbuster feel for you.

Kiddaan rates Vikram Vedha 3 out of  5 stars.