Virat Kohli has finally hit the 200-million-follower mark on Instagram.

He is only the 14th person in the world and the first ever Indian to  achieve the feat.

The next most followed Indian celebs are Priyanka Chopra (78.6 million) and Shraddha Kapoor (72.6 million).

The most followed person on Instagram is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with over  451 million followers.

Kylie Jenner (345 million), Lionel Messi (334 million), Selena Gonez (325 million) and Dwayne Johnson (320 million) are the next most  followed celebs.

Kim Kardashian (316 million), Ariana Grande (315 million), Beyone (261 million), Khloe Kardashian (249 million), Kendall Jenner (241 million) make up the 10 most followed  people on Instagram.

Virat Kohli is the 14th most followed celebrity on Instagram in the world.

Only 1 person, Cristiano Ronaldo has ever touched the 400 million mark while 6 have touched 300 million mark and 7, including Kohli,  the 200 million mark.

Virat Kohli is now the most followed Indian, most followed Cricketer in the world and the third most followed sportsperson in the world.

Virat Kohli thanked his supporters by sharing a montage over his  Instagram handle.

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