Wednesday Addams starring Jenna Ortega in the lead has finally been released on Netflix with its 1st season.

The story revolves around the supernatural and mysterious character of Wednesday Addams & her time at Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday’s parents fell in love at the same place and she’s here to solve the same mystery.

At the same time, the viewer explores her relationships with her mates, tensions at the school and her trouble with psychic abilities.

The horror comedy is created by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Tim Burton.

Tim Burton has directed the first 4 episodes out of the total of 8 episodes of the first season.

The show’s highlight remains Jenna Ortega playing the lead character of Wednesday Addams.

The actress has undoubtedly  nailed her performance.

While the Addams Family series does not exactly influence it, it has various marks all over.

The series is definitely worth a watch for all horror-comedy fans.