Whatsapp has now introduced the much-awaited undo feature for  ‘Delete for me’ messages.

Sometimes, users can mistakenly Delete messages just for themselves, while they wanted to delete it  for both the users.

This was a huge worry among Whatsapp users as they couldn’t delete the message for  everyone after that.

But now, Whatsapp has introduced the “Undo” feature for such messages.

When you “Delete for me” any message, Whatsapp will open  a 5-second window.

The window notifies the users about the message being deleted and provides the user with an  “Undo” button.

By pressing the button, the users can retrieve their deleted message.

The feature is available for both - individual and group chats.

Recently, Whatsapp had also extended the window for “Delete for everyone” messages from 7 minutes to 2  days and 12 hours.

Whatsapp introduced the Undo feature along with the newly launched Whatsapp Avatars.