Pakistani Singer Abdullah Qureshi announced his exit from the music industry.

Qureshi posted a detailed post clarifying the reason for his exit from the industry.

In the post he said, 'he made this decision due to religious reasons'.

In a heartfelt note he wrote “I took this decision purely because of religious reasons.”

He added, “I believe that the actual purpose of life is way bigger than all of this and we have a very little time in this world to make our  afterlife better.

"Alhamdulillah I’m satisfied with this decision and I’m on my way to find the real truth and I pray that Allah makes this new journey easy for me," he further wrote.

The 'Tu Aaja' singer clearly stated that he will be longer perform in concerts or appear in ads.

He also wrote that he would prefer working for campaigns that interest him & will be acceptable  to him religiously.

He gained massive recognition from his YouTube covers. He last released 2 songs Sajna and Hasda Rehnda.

Qureshi was also part of the re-recorded Pakistani national anthem that was released on August  14th, 2022.