Daniel Brandon Bilzerian is one of the personalities who have been so popular among the netizens as he was mostly seen among the girls.

He is an Armenian-American poker player, businessman & social media influencer.

The King of Instagram has decided to settle down in his life. He posted a picture  of him with a lady.

He posted the pic with the caption "I Finally Did It".

In the photo he is standing with his wife in wedding attire at  the French Riviera.

He entirely took the internet crazy with his wedding image without too much disclosure.

Netizens are excited to know Dan's wife's name & other information.

However, many fans are claiming that Dan is just doing a prank & its just a picture from someone else's wedding.

Earlier Dan was dating Sofia Bevarly, a french model & influencer.

Many fans of Daniel Bilzerian are happy for Daniel Bilzerian that he finally got married at  the age of 41 years.

However, many are disappointed because the free bull has now tied the knot and now there's no one left  as the singles' idol.