Singer Mika Singh is heading towards his TV reality show Swayamvar  - Mika Di Vohti.

His sworn sister, Singer Gioconda Vessichelli, will be joining Mika for the show as she wants to prepare  for his brother’s wedding.

But you might not be familiar with the name Gioconda Vessichelli.  Know who she is.

Gioconda Vessichelli is an Italian opera singer and actress who  basically hails from Rome.

She is the inventor and pioneer of BollywoOPERA style.

Gioconda has won 7 International Opera awards and has also sung Bollywood songs like ‘Ziddi  Dil’ from Mary Kom.

Her other song is ‘Itni Si Baat Hai’ which was released in 2017 under  the label, T-Series.

In 2022, she also featured in Kapil Sharma’s Netflix show ‘I am  not done yet’.

Mika Singh and Gioconda Vessichelli share a close bond with each other, considering each other as  sister and brother.

Gioconda is ready for Mika’s swayamvar as she thinks that she would guide her brother in selecting  a perfect life partner.

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