Have you ever wondered who is the most hated man on the internet? We have the  answers for you.

Hunter Moore is the most hated man on the internet because he rubbed a revenge porn site  in his 20s.

Hunter Moore was born in 1986 & comes from Sacramento, California.

Netflix's new three-part documentary focuses on the downfall of one worst minded webmaster.

The worst man fed his users of adult sites with photos & videos.

The man not only posted the videos & photos but attached the social media handles  of the victims.

The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix features victims of the short-lived IsAnyoneUp.com

Then on a normal day, Moore stole & posted a nude image of former Los Angeles politician Charlotte Laws’ daughter.

Laws was the first activist to take down Moore & his site through anonymous blogs that exposed the evil.

The three-part series, directed by Rob Miller, is streaming on Netflix from July 27.