Chinese actor Li Yifeng was arrested in Beijing on September 11.

Yifeng landed himself into legal trouble for visiting and hiring sex workers, which is illegal in china.

As per Chinese law, the accused is taken into administrative detention for between 10 to 15 days.

Beijing police have confirmed the arrest of the actor under criminal charges and confessed to the crime.

The Beijing Police issued an official statement regarding the detainment  of Li Yifeng.

The official statement read, "The person confessed to visiting prostitutes multiple times and has been placed under administrative detention."

Earlier, Li had also  posted on Weibo claiming the rumors about his personal life are false and has caused him emotional damage.

Yifeng is the brand ambassador of luxury brands including Prada, Remy Martin, Panerai and L'Oreal Paris.

However, it is reported that some local & global brands such as Prada, Panerai and Remy Martin had dropped Li as their brand ambassador following the controversy.

Li Yifeng is a popular Chinese actor who is known for his roles in The Pioneer, Mr Six and The  Founding Of An Army.