Mohammad Zubair, the co-founder of Alt news, was arrested by Delhi police on charges of hurting religious sentiments.

Founded in 2017 as a non-profit, Alt News is among the world's most prominent fact-checking outlets.

Twitter handle @balajikijaiin alleged Zubair tweeted an image in 2018, that deliberately insults the god of a particular religion.

The case was made on complaint about the questionable tweet that he made back in 2018.

Pratik Sinha, Alt news co-founder, said Zubair was called to Delhi for questioning in a different case from 2020, in which the court has given him protection against arrest.

"He was arrested without any prior notice & fir copy was not provided  to us", Pratik added.

Police said that he was arrested after having sufficient evidence on record.

Police are still questioning him before presenting him to the magistrate the next day for further custody.

The older case from 2020 was filed for alleged harassment of a girl on Twitter. Later he was given a  clean-chit by police.

Post his arrest many activists tweeted about the controversy & criticised  the government.