You might have heard of the movie "Rocketry: The Nambi Effect," so you might be wondering, who is Nambi? Here's full details about him.

Born in December, 1941, S. Nambi Narayanan is an aerospace  engineer in ISRO.

In 1994, Mariam Rasheeda a Maldivian national was arrested for allegedly obtaining ISRO's rocket engines secret drawings to sell to Pakistan.

Her arrest led to the arrest of Narayanan, then the incharge of Cryogenics division & four  others were arrested.

In 1995, all other scientists & businessmen except Maldivian nationals were released on bail.

In April 1996, before the Kerala court could make the decision, CBI filed a report but could not find any evidence.

In 1996, the state government decided to reinvestigate but in 1998 the court awarded the compensation of ₹1 lakh each & discharged all.

In 2017, the supreme court heard the plea against former Kerala's DGP.

In 2018, he was compensated with ₹1.3 crore  for his mental stress  & reputation loss.

In Cannes 2022, the trailer of the film was premiered which was an honour for this Padma Bhushan  Indian Scientist.

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