Neeraj Bawana is one of the most popular gangsters of Delhi.

He is currently imprisoned in India’s most secure jail; Tihar Jail.

Neeraj had entered the crime world with non-serious crimes like assault and fights, but soon he got involved in cases of extortion, murders, death threats and more.

He was involved in various gang wars and has been imprisoned for the same for several years.

He is now trending on the internet because a post has been updated from his Facebook profile.

The post was an open threat to the gang involved in Sidhu Moosewala’s brutal murder.

“Sidhu was my brother. Will give results in 2 days”, was also written in the viral Facebook post.

Names of other gangsters; Tillu Tajpuria, Koushal Gurgaon gang, and Davinder Bambiha gang were also mentioned in the post.

Reportedly, this threat is given to Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldy Brar and others involved in Moosewala’s murder.

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