Japan's Former PM Shinzo Abe was shot dead on Friday Morning in Nara Japan.

He was assassinated by a 41-year-old Japnese man, Tetsuya Yamagami.

Yamagami reportedly told investigators he was "dissatisfied" with former PM Shinzo Abe & intended  to kill him.

However, Yamagami also said he "did not resent  Abe’s political beliefs".

Yamagami was apprehended by security forces present  at the scene immediately  after the shooting.

A handmade gun was recovered from the area & thus police arrested Yamagami on charges of attempting murderm.

Yamagami Lives in the city of Nara, Japan where he  shot Abe.

Nara has mostly elected officials from Abe’s party, the Liberal Democratic Party.

However, Yamagami did not seem politically active, quoting a source from his former company.

He had quit his job at a manufacturing company in May this year due to  health reasons.