One of the biological daughters of the World’s Richest Man, Elon Musk,  has filed for a request to  disown her father.

Xavier Alexander Musk, Elon Musk’s transgender daughter, recently turned 18 and she now no longer wishes to be related to her father in any way.

In her petition to the LA Court, Xavier has requested to change her gender from male to female and change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson.

She wants to use her mother, Justine Wilson’s name with her.

Canadian author Justine Wilson tied the knot with Musk in 2000 and divorced him in 2008.

Their first son, Nevada, born in 2002 died due to sudden infant syndrome.

Xavier Alexander Musk also has a  twin brother named Griffin.

Justine and Elon then had triplets -  Kai, Saxon and Damian in 2006.

Justine Wilson or Elon Musk have never openly talked about this rift in their relationship, nor any of  their children.

Xavier filed for her name change just 1 day after legally turning  18 on 18 April, 2022.

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