Ranveer Singh is heating up the internet with his pictures from a recent photoshoot.

He is visible in a naked avatar in it, which is actually for the tribute purpose to Burt Reynlods.

But are you aware of who Burt Reynolds was?

Well, Burt was an American actor who was born in Feb 1936 and died of a heart attack in Sept 2018.

He was considered as a ‘Sex Symbol’ and an icon of American popular culture.

Burt did many TV shows and films but he got a breakthrough from the movie Deliverance in which he played Lewis Medlock.

Reynolds was voted as the world’s No.1 box-office star during the years 1978-1982.

Reynolds appeared in a role as an adult film director in the hit film ‘Boogie Nights’ (1997) and made a  strong comeback.

He received 12 awards and 3 nominations for that role, including a nomination in Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Ranveer gave a tribute to Burt Reynolds by copying his popular iconic nude photoshoot.