After Twitter & Meta, Amazon is now planning to layoff 10,000  of its employees.

According to The New York Times, the upcoming layoffs will be the biggest in the company's history.

At present, Amazon employes more than 1.5 million employees globally, which includes hourly staff.

The tech biggie is planning the layoffs due to current macroeconomic issues & falling revenue.

The report points out that Amazon's layoffs will affect staff in the retail division & human resources.

Several employees working on Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa will also lose their jobs, the report adds.

Well, the news regarding the layoffs isn't entirely surprising, as Amazon has been taking strict measures  to cut costs.

As per The Wall Street Journal report, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is closely monitoring the Alexa department, which has roughly 10,000 workers.

The report also claimed that the department hasn't been "profitable" & is operating at losses worth  $5 billion a year.

Amazon is reportedly considering not adding new capabilities to  the Alexa voice assistant.