#ArrestKohli is trending on Twitter as a group of netizens demands the  arrest of the star Indian  cricketer Virat Kohli.

All this began after an arrest of a Kohli fan was made by Tamil Nadu Police.

The officials arrested a 21 YO young Kohli fan who murdered a 24 YO Rohit fan over a heated argument.

The accused identified as S Dharmaraj is a die-hard fan of Virat Kohli & his team Royal Challengers Bangalore.

On the other hand, the deceased P Vignesh was a supporter of Mumbai Indians' Rohit Sharma.

The two were good friends & were reportedly discussing cricket in an open area near SIDCO  Industrial Estate.

Where their cricket conversation in drunken state soon turned into an argument, debate & then a murder.

During their debate, Vignesh had allegedly mocked RCB & Virat Kohli.  He also compared RCB with  Dharmaraj stammering.

The infuriated Dharmaraj then attacked Vignesh with a bottle & later hit him with a cricket bat on the head.

In concern to this matter, netizens are coming forward with their variety of opinions & reactions.