Boycott of Flipkart is in trend all over twitter with the courtesy  of SSR fans.

Online websites & shopping apps usually resort to unorthodox methods in the promotion & marketing  of their product.

However, sometimes, certain products do not seem to sit well with the customers.

The same happened with flipkart & Boycott Flipkart  began trending on Twitter  on Tuesday evening.

The boycott of Flipkart began after a T-shirt referring to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s ‘depression’ was found on the website by one of his fans.

The T-shirt included artwork of Sushant with the words, “Depression like drowning".

Soon after being shared, the photo of the controversial T-shirt went viral & this is how Boycott Flipkart started trending.

People also filed grievances at Flipkart & even served a notice against the online shopping platform for selling T-shirts with a misleading quote.

“I will serve notice to Flipkart tonight for approving a material which is defaming a deceased, as a common & responsible citizen," tweeted a user.

Another person tweeted, “#flipkart you can’t do marketing of your product by dragging a dead person..karma will catch you soon."