The world football Boss  organisation FIFA has banned India with immediate effect after third  party involvement.

FIFA has suspended the All India Football Federation (AIFF) due to “undue influence from  third parties”.

The ban also means that the U-17 women’s World Cup, which was scheduled to take place in India from October 11-30 this year, can't be held in the country as planned.

FIFA banned India due to the following reasons:

Third Party Influence FIFA noted that AIFF had been ordered by the Indian Supreme Court to hold elections before the AIFF constitution was finalized.

According to FIFA statutes, member federations must be free from legal & political interference in their respective countries.

FIFA also observed that the CoA is continue to play a role in this interim period.

Deviations in the Roadmap FIFA claimed that there have been some deviations from the earlier agreed upon roadmap.

The ban can be lifted once AIFF- – Repeal CoA mandate in full. – The AIFF administration is ‘fully in charge’ of its daily affairs.

Once again becomes an Independent electoral committee

FIFA has previously suspended other nations such as Pakistan, Kenya & Iraq over similar cases.