International Asteroid Day is considered to be on June  30 across the world.

Asteroids are celestial bodies that revolve around the sun and are a  part of the solar system.

The prime objective is to make people aware of the crisis that can occur due to the impact out-of-earth objects  can make.

The UN General Assembly in December, 2016, in its resolution nominated June 30 as World  Asteroid Day.

That date was picked to think of the impact of the Tunguska asteroid in and around Siberia on 30th June, 1908.

The Association of Space Explorers had proposed the idea to consider the day on the anniversary of the Tunguska asteroid impact hazard.

Spreading awareness among the public about the impact that could be caused by an asteroid is the key reason behind observing the day.

Various social campaigns and events are organized to make the public familiar with the threats.

Organizations across the world mark the day by running social campaigns  to celebrate the day.

Since the COVID, some organizations have started online campaigns  to mark the day.