India might not be among the top riding nations of adventure bikes.

But the Adv bike lovers are always waiting for a new & exciting  ride to get launched.

In recent years, fans are waiting eagerly for Yamaha to launch  its first Adv bike in India.

And it looks like the wait of Yammie fans is about to get over.

In an interview Eishin Chihana, Yamaha India’s chairman revealed that Yamaha is looking to tap into the entry-level ADV segment.

The first Yamaha ADV in India is likely to fall in the premium  sub-150cc category.

Company's first india offering could be similar to the Yamaha WR 155R dual-purpose motorcycle.

The Japanese Marque did consider bringing this bike to India  back in 2020.

If this bike eventually lands in India, it would be priced  something around ₹2 lakh.

If not WR 155R then it could be the Yamaha FZ-X as it was even spotted in its flesh at a Yamaha dealership last month.