YouTube has introduced some fresh features & an updated look  for its users

On Monday, the company announced about the addition of new tools & platform look via a blogpost.

The company said," it's adding new tools inspired by feedback from its YouTube creator community  and viewers."

Perhaps the first thing users will notice are color changes that are intended to make consuming videos easier on the eyes.

YouTube has introduced an ambient mode that will allow the app to adjust the background color to  match the video.

There's an update to YouTube's dark theme too that aims to make colors pop more on screen.

The new feature that we find most useful is a new tool that will let users fast forward or rewind to the exact spot they want to in a video.

Other changes include a pinch-to-zoom tool & links appear as a button in description to ease the  sharing thing.

The subscribe button will also undergo some change: It's no longer red & getting a new shape & design too.

The new YouTube features will roll out gradually in the next few weeks.