Waiting for 2 unskippable ads on Youtube feels like a decade and what if the number of ads increases to 10.

Yes! You heard right, many users have recently experienced the 10 - ads before the video starts.

YouTube has recently silently implemented a new ad format starting this September 2022.

As per the new ad format, users who are not subscribed to YouTube Premium, will now receive up to  10 ads before a video starts.

Many Youtube free users complain on Twitter & Reddit that they have been receiving 10 ads instead of 2, before they could watch their YouTube video.

One of the users tweeted, "So @YouTube 2 ads weren’t enough now y’all wanna play 10 ads that no one cares for AND I CAN'T SKIP ?"

Regarding the matter, YouTube has also issued an official reply on Twitter acknowledging the situation.

YouTube stated that the new 10 - ad phenomenon could happen to users due to Bumper Ads. format.

These bumper ads are short-form ads on the platform that are typically 6 seconds long & unskippable.

As of now most of the users are experiencing 2 ads but the 10 - ad format can roll out to all users soon.