Wednesday Becomes the Most Watch English Series on Netflix; Overtakes Stranger Things

Popular web series Wednesday has become the most watched English show surpassing season 4 of The Stranger Things and has just hit a milestone. Stranger Things has been dominating the charts since its release in 2022. 

As per ‘Deadline’, “This means some major shakeups, including ‘Wednesday’ overtaking Stranger Things 4 as the most popular English-language series of all time.” It also added that “This is quite significant, considering that ‘Stranger Things’ 4 benefited from its whopping 13-hour runtime. It would have been difficult for any series to beat that, let alone one that was half that length like Wednesday.”

This has come after the Netflix productions changed their viewership metric. Now they will be reporting on how many people have watched a particular show or movie on the basis of the generated views. 

For this they will be averaging the watch hours divided by its total runtime. Not only this, but the measuring window of the show or movie’s popularity has also been expanded from 30 days to 91 days to give a fair chance to the new titles to adequately grow. This will allow the viewers to get to know about the production engaging good views and reception. 

According to ‘Deadline’, “Netflix’s new way of calculating views isn’t exactly perfect. Of course, it assumes that every time a user watches a new piece of content, they make it all the way through every single time, which is ultimately inflating unique views.”

It also added that “In reality, it’s more likely that some users are watching multiple times, while many never make it to the end the first time. However, average viewership is a metric that will enable audience comparisons across streaming and linear television, given that this is how Nielsen and other third parties report linear viewership.”

So with this move you will now be able to hear about the popular series and movies on Netflix and with that you will be able to enjoy more popular productions at home.

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