Bikini Costumes To All Nude Flight: These 7 Weird Airlines Will Blow Your Mind

Almost every human alive gets excited when the discussion is about travel and vacation. And of course, the marketing strategies of various airlines also play a vital part in boosting our fascination with travelling by air. But not every airline wishes to impress you, because there are some who use bizarre techniques to grab your attention. Here we have discussed 7 extremely weird airlines which are popular worldwide for their unique services. 

For example, can you believe there is a flight in which the passengers are allowed to travel naked? Also, there is a flight that introduces its cabin crew in a bikini. Yes, it’s true and this is not all. There is a lot more that we need you to know. 

7 Extremely Weird & Bizarre Airlines Worldwide 

The German Nude Airlines

Starting with the most astonishing one; The German Nude Airlines. Can you believe there is a German airline that allows its passengers to travel completely naked? Yes, this is the case here. The passengers are allowed to enjoy the flight without any clothes on. This flight flies from the German city of Erfurt to some popular Baltic sea resorts. 

But the passengers are asked to wear clothes while onboarding and getting off the plane. 

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VietJet Air: Bikini Cabin Crew

After the naked flight, let’s get on board the next flight that introduces its cabin crew in a bikini. Yes, don’t be surprised as we are talking about VietJet Air which is now popularly also known as ‘Bikini Airlines’. This was specifically done to excite and attract people. 

According to Forbes, the budding billionaire and CEO of VietJet Aviation, Nguyen Thi Phuong thought that women performing the Hawaiian dance, and wearing just a bikini will help in launching a domestic route in Vietnam. 

Air Malta: Free Massages

Now we finally have something exciting in this list of bizarre and weird airlines. Air Malta offers its economy passengers free hand, feet and neck massages in selected flights. They also offer spa vouchers and beauty products to passengers as their motive is to enhance the overall customer experience. 

Sounds relaxing, right? Moreover, the airline became extremely popular and earned appreciation for the unique initiative as well. 

EVA Air: The Adorable Hello Kitty Theme

EVA Air Hello Kitty is a Taiwanese airline which grabbed people’s attention by making ‘Hello Kitty’ its theme. From pretty kitties painted on the aeroplanes to seats cushioned with the characters, the airlines’ adorable marketing strategy worked and earned good profits.

But unfortunately, the services were suspended in 2021 during the global pandemic COVID-19. But the demand for the ‘Hello Kitty’ theme is still very high among the passengers. 

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Air New Zealand: The ‘Cuddle Class’

You must have heard about Economy and Business class, but have you ever come across a term like ‘cuddle class’? Air New Zealand Airlines between New Zealand and Los Angeles offered the passengers amazing seats which could also transform into couches. The sky couches were also popular as ‘cuddle class.

The motive behind making this specific class was to provide comfort to couples and families. This type of ‘cuddle class’ might have worked well in New Zealand, but here in India, the benches in public parks do a better job for couples. No? 

Eurowings Airlines: Blind Bookings

Are you someone who likes travelling but is a mess when it comes to making decisions? Does selecting the perfect destination trouble you? Then probably Eurowings Airlines can help you out. This flight offers customers blind bookings. 

Yes, after blind dates, the modern days have introduced us to blind bookings. Now, all you have to do is choose what type of place you want to visit, and according to your preference, the airline will suggest you locations. And then all you are left to do is make the booking and enjoy your holiday. 

Hooters Air: Hooters Girls

Hooters Air is the last one on our list of bizarre and weird airlines. Titillating Hooters restaurant stepped into the airline business and introduced this bizarre idea. On the Hooters flights, two Hooters girls (barely dressed) used to entertain the passenger’s trivia games, sold Hooters merchandise, and assisted with beverage service.

And if you are already in the mood to search more about the airline and book your tickets for a dreamy experience, let us unveil that this airline is no longer operating. 

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Not going to lie, some of these airlines were so weird that we might not even agree to get on board even for free. As we conclude, we are thankful that Indian airlines have not thought of experimenting like this to attract passengers.

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