7 Weirdest Shark Tank India Pitches That Will Make You Go “Bilkul Bakwaas Hai Yeh… Bannd Kardo Isey…”

Shark Tank India Season 1 has sparked a fire of entrepreneurship in the hearts of many Indians. Based on the American format, the show has been a massive hit in India, attracting millions of viewers who tune in every week to see aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors. But among all the innovative and brilliant ideas showcased on the show, a few stand out for their uniqueness and utter weirdness.

These seven products are so unusual that they’ll make you question everything. But, whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that these seven weird products have captured the imagination of the Indian public. So if you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to be amazed by the creativity of your fellow Indians, then sit back and enjoy this list of the 

7 Weirdest Products Of Shark Tank India Season 1

1. Poo De Cologne 

Aditi Talwar, a woman who lives in Mumbai, introduced the essential oil-infused toilet spray known as “Poo De Cologne.” The spray was applied before and after using the restroom to eliminate the unpleasant odors. Poo de cologne almost won over the Sharks, but the panel of judges collectively politely turned them down because they thought the product lacked the legs to succeed in the Indian market, at least not in its current form.

2. Sippline 

The sippline drinking shields, also known as the “glass ka mask,” were introduced to the sharks by Rohit Warrier. Rohit claims that the product functions as a cover that can be attached to the rim of a glass to protect the user from germs and dirt.

One of the sharks, Ashneer Grover, was extremely dissatisfied with the product and said he would never wish to experience something like it again. In a post-Covid world where everyone is trying to be safe and careful with their hygiene practices, the product was touted as a “must-have.” However, Ashneer and Aman were the first sharks to reject the pitch, and the whole thing fell apart like a house of cards in a flash. We also do not hold them accountable for not wanting to invest in finding a solution to a problem that barely exists in the first place.

3. Green Protein 

Plant-based protein drinks from Madhvi Datwani will make your beverage time healthier and more delicious. The brand was started in 2020 by Madhvi Datwani, Parag Khimani, and Parigna Thorat, three best friends, to provide customers with options for sustainable protein. However, Ashneer raised concerns about the black currant’s excessive sugar content, or “poori cheeni,” while Aman couldn’t finish the glass he was served and even made faces.

4. Tween In One 

The company’s founder, Niti Singhal, presented a novel fashion idea. She had developed a line of convertible and reversible clothing, each of which could be worn in two distinct ways. Unfortunately, the sharks’ reactions were mixed, and they said the product was too expensive for the Indian market. Although a two-in-one dress is not a novel concept, Tween In One missed the mark by producing garments that significantly lacked style. Before their next pitch, they might want to get a designer on board.

5. Gol Nabhi 

One of those pitches that made sharks giggle was this one. Jayshree Jumnani and Baldev Jumnani, the company’s founders, demonstrated an odd product that was used to make belly buttons look more round. The product was even demonstrated on the show by the founders.

The founder also said he thought of a belly button shaper because he wanted a deep and round belly. We can’t even blame the judges for keeping their amusement to themselves because it was so bizarre. 

6. Ayurvedic ice cream

A wide selection of fiber ice creams, including ayurvedic, are available from the ice cream shop Gopal’s 56. The contestant claimed that the pre-biotic components in the ice cream would aid in weight loss. However, the founder demanded an investment of 300 crore rupees, the highest amount ever requested on the show, forcing the Sharks to leave.

7. Aglio e Olio Maggi – Burger Maggi

Hungry Head’s Rahul Daga and Arpit Kabra presented their novel Maggi-based food items, including burger Maggi, Aglio e olio Maggi, and pani puri Maggi. Unfortunately, although the sharks enjoyed their food and found it delicious, the Maggi concept failed to pique their interest because they found it insufficiently intriguing to warrant an investment.

Shark Tank India Season 1 has been a true testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian people. From the seven weird products featured in this article, it’s clear that the show has encouraged people to think outside the box and come up with unique and innovative ideas. 

Despite the weirdness of these seven products, there’s no denying that they’ve captured the imagination of the Indian public and sparked a fire of entrepreneurship in the hearts of many. The show has been a huge success in India, attracting millions of viewers every week and giving aspiring entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their ideas. 

So here’s to the continued success of Shark Tank India and the many innovative and weird products that are sure to come out in season 2, which is currently running.

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