What are Pink Parks? Delhi Govt to Build 250 Gender-based Parks with CCTVs

Delhi is taking a bold step toward promoting safety and empowerment for its women by opening pink parks across the city. Imagine a place full of lush greens and wisely designed just for women.

What Are Pink Parks?

Municipal Corporation of Delhi plans to develop women-only parks called the pink parks across each of the 250 municipal wards of the city. Delhi’s women-only parks will be thoughtfully curated with the needs and aspirations of women in mind. Moreover, officials said these would feature selfie points and graffiti, CCTV cameras, toilets, open gym equipment, additional security measures, and dedicated children’s play areas.

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The deputy mayor had said, “There are more than 15,000 parks under the civic body, with the number of parks in each ward varying from a few dozen to over a hundred. One such model pink park, needs to be developed in each ward. We have experienced that open gym equipment and other facilities have been developed in various parks, but women feel hesitant to access them, and such parks can provide safe spaces for women. The parks will also be open children less than 10 years of age,” 

According to Iqbal, the first pilot pink park was opened in March last year on Mata Sundari road near Ramlila ground at the cost of around ₹25 lakhs, where the all-women staff was responsible for its maintenance. According to officials, it was not immediately known if the upcoming women-only parks would work similarly as the plan is nascent.

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The idea of developing exclusive spaces for women in the city dates back to the 19th century. When Parda Bagh opened on the Netaji Subhash Marg in the Daryaganj area, it was the first zanana (women-only) park in the city. The Bagh is right opposite where Subhash Park exists now. 

Women often feel unsafe visiting parks, and men generally use open gym equipment. Therefore, women feel unsafe while exercising or simply spending time with nature. Considering this, the visionary step taken by Delhi’s Municipal Corporation embraces the present and pays homage to the past. 

So when you step into these parks, you’ll be embraced by a tapestry of strength, freedom, and solidarity. Here, women will rediscover their connection to nature, their bodies, and each other, paving the way for a brighter and more equal future.

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