What Did Sharry Maan Do That Made Kamal Heer Mad At Him?

Sharry Maan is one of those artists who do not need any introduction. He established his name in the industry with his unique singing style and extraordinary writing. The famous title track from the movie ‘Rabb da radio’ was voiced by him.

Indeed, Sharry Maan gave many songs on the drinks such as ‘ 3 Peg’, ‘Birthday Gift’, ‘Vadda Bai’ etc. Drinking is not limited to his songs, he is an occasional drinker and shared a hilarious incident when he was under the influence of liquor and made a call to Kamal Heer. 

During lockdown, once Sharry made a sozzled call to another artist ‘Kamal Heer’ and talked to him for such a long duration of time. Sharry urged him to conference the call and connect Sangtar and Manmohan Warris. Kamal Heer denied him in a very polite manner. Later in the morning when Sharry came to his senses he realized that what he did yesterday was not right. He also said that under the liquor influence he sang kamal heer song and made him listen to the all-in cacophonic drunken voice. Sharry believes this incident must have made Kamal angry and jeopardize his friendship. But Kamal heer did not mind this naive incident.

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