What Does 13 (Thirteen) Stand For In Robyn Sandhu’s Latest Track

Robyn Sandhu is the new big name in the Punjabi industry and is known by people as a very intelligent lyricist. The artist is a master of his art. The singer-songwriter started his career with Tik-Tok, where he used to post regular Poems in the Punjabi language. Soon he took his art to youtube. He released various poems on his official youtube channel but his first song, Fake Idols, released on 17 July 2020 changed his life. On 11 October 2020, the singer came out with another hit, Inception. And soon, the artist became a known name in every household. People came to know about a guy who hails from Sri-Ganganagar, Rajasthan and lives in Surrey, Canada and is a master lyricist. 

Robyn Sandhu recently dropped his recent track, “13”. The song is another lyrical wonder by the lyricist. And people have been constantly wondering what the title “13” actually means. As there is no mention of the word or the numerical in the entire song. 

Robyn Sandhu himself revealed the actual meaning of 13 through a comment posted by him on a reaction to the song on youtube. A channel named “The Sorted TV” reacted to the song and they too were curious about what 13 meant. Sandhu explained through a comment on their video that 13 is a reference to his hometown, Sri-Ganganagar, Rajasthan. RJ-13 is the RTO vehicle registration code for the city of Ganganagar, Robyn’s origins. 

The song is sung, written, and composed by Robyn Sandhu and the music is given by Byg Byrd. The video is directed by 5ekhon (Harman Sekhon) and is released on Robyn Sandhu’s official youtube channel. Byg Byrd, who was the major music producer for Punjabi superstar, Sidhu Moosewala, has made the song better through his aggressive music. The video quality feels supreme, there are no lavish cars or extravagant lifestyle shown in the video, yet it feels amazing. The song has garnered over 473k views in a day of its release. Do you think the track will help in maintaining Robyn Sandhu’s successful run in the industry?

If you haven’t watched ’13’ song video, check it here:

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