What Does IDGAF Mean In The Latest Song Of Sidhu Moosewala?

The latest track by Sidhu Moosewala, IDGAF, featuring Morrisson, Steel Banglez and The Kidd is becoming the fan favorite just like every other Moosetape song. Sidhu Moosewala drops a song, and it feels like this is the best song ever, this has been a constant mood throughout Moosetape. 

IDGAF was a very awaited track, Sidhu, Morrisson, Steel, The Kidd, are the names not enough to make you shiver? But are you also curious about what the title of the song means? IDGAF does not seem to carry a meaning to itself! Don’t worry, we are here to explain!

IDGAF has a full form to it. It stands for ‘I Don’t Give A Fu*k’. The title is clearing everything. Sidhu doesn’t give a fu*k about his haters, he doesn’t give a fu*k what you think about him and he will keep on crushing records like he’s always done. The title might sound abusive but that’s literally what defines Sidhu Moosewala’s attitude towards everything, the care-free attitude.

IDGAF has been released with the official video and Sukh Sanghera has directed it. Do we need to say more about its quality and precision? It is a perfect track. It’s only been a few hours and the song is on everyone’s playlists!

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