What Happened To Davi Singh? Singer Shares Heartbreaking Recovery Story

What Happened To Davi Singh? Singer Shares Heartbreaking Recovery Story

One of the most lively music groups of the Punjabi Music Industry, The Landers, were missing one of their key artists, Davi Singh for a long time. Now, the singer has finally announced his comeback to the industry and even shared his recovery story in the ending of his recently released song ‘Friends Matter’.

The singer wrote that he was having high fever for 10 days straight but nothing showed up in any of the tests that he took. On 13 April, 2021 he was admitted to a hospital due to a severe stomach ache. At the hospital, the reason behind his fever was finally revealed. The singer got to know that he had a hole in his small intestine and the body waste which would otherwise pass through the body in the form of stool was being collected in his stomach cavity due to the hole.

The hole in his small intestine was the reason behind all the problems. On 14 April, 2021, Davi was finally treated by PGI doctors. The infection that had spread in the body due to the waste material getting collected in the stomach, was cleared by a straight cut to the centre of Davi’s stomach. Even the damaged part of the small intestine was removed from the body through the right side of the abdomen and kept outside his body for 2.5 months, to get proper time to heal.

The waste went through this process into an ‘Ileostomy bag’. The first surgery was successful and about 3 months later, on 6 July, 2021, the singer underwent his second surgery.  In this surgery, the intestine that was kept out of Davi’s body to heal, was put inside his stomach again by the singer and was kept under observation for a week. 

The medical condition that Davi went through is known as Gastrointestinal perforation or Perforation of Small Intestine. The process of rectifying this illness is known as Ileostomy and Ileostomy Reversal. It took Davi 2 months to recover completely. The singer finally announced his comeback after a long time with the song ‘Friends Matter’, a part of his EP. 

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Davi Singh thanked everyone who supported him in these difficult times and prayed for his good health. The singer ended the message by sharing that everything is fine now and he is all set to move ahead in his life and his career!

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