What if Avengers was made in Punjab?

Avengers has won the hearts of the audience, all over the world. With every character being strong and iconic, the fans are just crazy about their favorite heroes. Here we thought of some Punjabi celebs who could fit in those characters, just in case, Avengers was made in Punjab.

Gippy Grewal as Iron Man

Starting with the superhero of all heroes, Iron Man. He is a genius-level intellect with a particular aptitude invention, with an artificial sophisticated sensor system which provides him strength & durability. Who else would do justice to this character, other than, Gippy Grewal? He definitely has the strength because he has been working in this industry for long. Though, the only thing missing is an armor. No?

Yograj Singh as Thanos

Thanos is the most self-obsessed with his superhuman skills would perfectly suit, our favourite Yograj Singh. He has got the looks, powerful personality, anger & attitude as well. Also, both Thanos and Yograj Singh self-obsession when it comes to their powers and character.

Jimmy Shergill as Captain America

Captain America is no doubt the most loved superhero Avenger. We found it perfect to fit in Jimmy Shergill in this character because just like Captain America, he is a strategic, calm yet strong, and a pleasing personality too. And not to forget, Jimmy Shergill has definitely earned the love from the audience, just like Captain did.

Amrinder Gill as Doctor Strange

Master of the mystic arts with a remarkable knowledge of arcane spells is Doctor Strange. And for his character we feel, no other than Amrinder Gill can be considered, who is definitely our forever favourite. His performance has always been remarkable and memorable, without disappointing any of his fans. He is Doctor Strange of Punjabi Avengers for sure.

Sonam Bajwa as Black Widow

We have fit in Sonam Bajwa in the superhit character of Black Widow. In Avengers, Black Widow is noticed for her perfection in spying and taking the best moves. Hence, Sonam Bajwa is perfect, because she has been experimenting and initiating the best moves. Also, when it comes to physical fitness,  both of them have got perfect athletic abilities too.

Gurdas Mann as Nick Fury

Here we present Gurdas Mann as Nick Fury because we found it most apt. Nick Fury is not only a vehicle specialist but also a great intellect, that’s why he became a member of the US Intelligence team as well. Gurdas Mann is the man, who would suit this character well, as he is the one with the best intelligent choices, and a person with great integrity, just like Nick.

Ninja as Hulk

Hulk has incredible superhuman strength with a healing factor. Also, he is a genius-level intellect and expert in multiple scientific fields. Ninja is no doubt a perfect choice to play this character, as he is a multitasker for sure. And most important is the anger and short temper of Hulk, that Ninja can play easily, as he has been portrayed this way in many of his songs.

Jassie Gill as Spiderman

Talking about Spiderman, he is blessed with a special spider-sense, which warns him of incoming dangers. The sweet and calm guy of Punjabi Industry, Jassie Gill will definitely rock this character, due to his great fan following and his abilities to create his own paths and climb high, resembling the Spiderman only.

Harish Verma as Hawkeye

Hawkeye is an archer and so is the star Harish Verma. Just like Hawkeye’s incredible skills, he knows how to win the hearts of his audience. Also, Hawkeye is known for his amazing accuracy, and so his Harish Verma’s choices for songs. Perfect, accurate and on point.

Kartar Cheema as Thor

And now comes the mighty, the strongest, and the god of thunder & lightning. His powerful personality and superstrong skills are incredible. Can you imagine, someone other than Karan Cheema perfect for this character? Because we can’t! Dude body and powerful personality make Kartar Cheema, the best choice for Hulk’s character. Also, most of his role in movies were silent, yet violent.

Here we conclude our new team of Avenger superheroes, which we believe would definitely rock. We found these Punjabi Celebs perfect match for Punjabi Avengers. But we are a little worried about the level of comedy Avengers would have, if it was ever made in Punjab.

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