What If ‘Jaat’ Were In ‘Squid Game’? Harsh Beniwal Presents A Hilarious Video

What If ‘Jaat’ Were In ‘Squid Game’? Harsh Beniwal Presents A Hilarious Video

Popular Youtuber Harsh Beniwal is known for his humorous yet hilarious pieces of videos he posts on his social media and obviously his Youtube channel. We can see a lot of relatable stuff coming from his side many times. He recently shared a reel on his Instagram handle which is titled as, ‘If Jaat Were In Squid Games’ and got instantly viral among the audience. 

Squid Game is a violent South Korean Netflix series which has been taking rounds on the internet since the past few days and has got everybody’s eyes upon it. Social media influencers and the memers are making the best use of it by sharing the relatable content. One such popular content creator, Harsh Beniwal, came up with a whole different idea and excelled his creativity in making an Instagram reel, If Jaat Were In Squid Games. 

What Is Squid Game? Why This Korean Show Is Popular All Over The World?

If you are not aware then let us tell you that there is a song named ‘Jatta Ka Chora’ which is very popular in the northern states of India like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Harsh Beniwal made the best use of this very famous and loved song by getting it into a reel. He was seen wearing a similar outfit as that of Squid Game and grooving to the song Jatta Ka Chora when suddenly he acts of getting shot and then does what every person in the Jaat Community does. He reflects the dominative side of a Jaat. 

This got stuck in people’s heads and found it very relatable and that is why some artists like Pranjal Dahiya, Josh Brar and others shared it on their instagram stories too. This reel enjoys more than 5 Million views on Instagram till date. It was spreaded on social media just like a wildlife fire.  Harsh Beniwal impresses the audience everytime by posting the most humorous and laughable stuff. He also has many videos uploaded on his Youtube channel similar to this reel. 

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