What If Punjabi Singers Supported Each Other On Social Media?

Punjabi Music Industry is blessed to have so many great talents. Every artist has his own style, which is unique to him and the audience gets a chance to witness all the different styles. But the major shortcoming that one sight in the Punjabi Industry is the relationship among the artists. There are surely some good relationships in the industry but at the same time, many rivalries exist too, which sometimes provokes the audience to make irrational judgements by being anti of an artist and being the supporter of his rival. But who fails, is an actual music fan, who wants the best from all the artists!

This is a glimpse of what the industry would look like if Rival Punjabi Singers supported each other on social media:

1. Sidhu Moosewala shares ‘Chu Gon Do ?’ Poster

The eternal rivals, Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla. If there is one thing the Punjabi Industry wants, it’s the union of these two modern greats of the industry. Here is a dream come true for fans of both artists. Sidhu Moosewala releases Karan Aujla’s ‘Chu Gon Do ?’ on his own Youtube channel. Watch Karan Aujla releasing the opening track of his album on Sidhu’s channel!

2. Karan Aujla shares ‘Power’ poster

Now Karan Aujla has to give it back. When the big brother Sidhu Moosewala is helping the artist, he has some responsibilities too! Karan Aujla shares the poster of Power track from the album MooseTape. While this might not be possible ever, even the dream feels so satisfying and a blessing to the eyes.

3. Prem Dhillon X Arjan Dhillon

This would be called the best Dhillon duo in the Industry! Prem Dhillon and Arjan Dhillon are both master lyricists and singers. What would happen if this deadly Dhillon duo hopped on together for a track produced by Opi Music? 

4. Karan Aujla shares MooseTape

Something every Punjabi has once dreamt of! Watching Karan Aujla sharing the poster of MooseTape on his official Instagram account. Sidhu Moosewala is too interacting with his friend as he comments ‘Be ready bitches’ under Karan’s post. This is not even a promotion! This is pure brotherhood.

The last slide is what actually brings you out of the delusional world. ‘When I woke up, I realised it was all just a dream’! But dreams come true, isn’t it? Will we ever see this actually happening? Karan Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala coming together and supporting each other. They might even release a track together, who knows! We can only imagine what would happen if Karan X Sidhu or Prem X Arjan actually becomes a reality. 

Idea & Graphics Credit: Jatt Salyo

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