What Is Mahadev Betting App Scam? Why Bollywood Celebrities Are Being Summoned By ED

Betting in India remains a tough spot. While there are not explicit and properly laid down rules on online gaming and betting apps, there’s always a certain risk involved in them. Recently, the Mahadev betting app scam has come to light under which few of the Bollywood celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor have been summoned by the Enforcement Directorate. But what exactly is the Mahadev Betting Scam? Here’s the explanation. 

About Mahadev Gaming App

Mahadev Gaming App is an online betting application through which the users can gamble on different live games such as poker, badminton, chance games, tennis etc. The network of close groups run this app via different messaging platforms. Reportedly, they earn around ₹200 crores everyday and also operate 3-4 similar platforms. 

Mahadev Gaming App provides several card games like Teen Patti, Dragon Tiger, Poker and online cricket too. 

Now, in order to operate they post 2 contact numbers on the website. These numbers can only be reached on whatsapp and no other platform. So when you contact the number, you’re given 2 different phone numbers. One is used for depositing the money and getting points in the user IDs used for betting and the other number is for contacting the website to cash out the points from the respective IDs. 

Source: Ndtv

What is the reason behind the ED probing into this gaming app? 

Mahadev Gaming App is owned by Sourabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal. These two hail from Chhattisgarh and are involved in arranging online platforms for illegal betting. It is said that these people have made around ₹5000 crores through this scam. 

The ED started investigating after the owner Sourabh Chandrakar hosted his wedding worth ₹250 crores in th UAE. After this wedding the investigators discovered the alleged Hawala operations and their ties in UAE and Pakistan. ED also has combined 7 FIRs that were filed by the victims who lost their money to the scam. 

Why are Bollywood celebrities being summoned by ED in this case? 

Yesterday, there were reports of Bollywood celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Huma Qureshi and Hina Khan being summoned by the ED in this case. But why are they being involved? 

So as per the reports, these Bollywood stars performed at the Chandrakar wedding in February last year and the success party of the app in September 2022. It is also beloved that these celebs took huge amounts of money in cash which is the scam money so they are liable for accepting that cash.

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