From On Air To On Road, Mirchi’s #JaamPeJam Is The Quirkiest Thing On Streets of Chandigarh!

If you live in Chandigarh, you must have got fined for violating some traffic rule or other. A city known for its strict traffic norms recently got an upgrade in terms of getting even more vigilant for traffic norms. But it’s not just ‘challan’ that Chandigarh is famous for, it is the different vibe of this city that makes it stand out. 

Mirchi is known to have struck a chord with Chandigarians, and yet again they have proved it with #JaamParJam. Mirchi Rj’s are seen grooving on song parodies, where the lyrics are all about spreading awareness of the new traffic norms in the city. The moment a traffic light goes red, Mirchi RJ will start dancing and singing out loud at the zebra crossing of that light point. #JaamPerJam is a never-before way of spreading awareness about something as trivial as traffic norms.

Another highlight of this activity is the witty placards that you will see Mirchi volunteers standing with on the roadsides. Here’s a picture of the viral meme ‘Chotti Bachi Ho Kya’ being used to aware people of the speed limits in the city:

Chandigarh Traffic Police deserves a special mention, for being so cool, & supportive of a campaign driven by memes and wit. While being interviewed by Mirchi Vishal, DSP Traffic Palak Goel in a very light mode, answered, “Sab Fade Jaange” for those who will violate traffic norms. People of the city storm Mirchi’s studio for their queries about the new traffic norms. And Chandigarh Traffic Police and team Mirchi are answering those queries On-air and through their Instagram handle @MirchiPunjab. Here’s a video of the mood that Mirchi is setting on the streets of Chandigarh;

With their banter and parodies, Mirchi has given a quirky touch to an awareness campaign. As it was much needed to clarify the confusion people in Chandigarh had because of the new traffic norms.

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