What Is PFI? Why Has It Been Banned By The Central Government? All You Need To Know!

The PFI (Popular Front Of India) has its roots in the Southern states. In 2007, the National Democratic Front in Kerala, the Karnataka Forum for Dignity, and the Manitha Neethi Pasarai in Tamil Nadu, combined to form the PFI. The organisation was formally introduced in February 2007 at a protest in Bengaluru, four months after the merger.

Despite being questioned by various political parties, especially the right wing, over its alleged links with terrorist organisations, the PFI defends itself, stating that it’s an organisation which fights for the rights of the oppressed, the minorities and the SC communities. 

However, in Karnataka, the body has always been vocal against the policies of the BJP, INC and the JD(S) governments. Though, the parties accuse each other of having links with the PFI to attract a specific section of voters.

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However, the PFI never contested in any election, but has always been indirectly involved in politics. Furthermore, the organisation has its stronghold in Kerala, where numerous cases are registered against it, in various crimes like murder, rioting and even its links with the terrorist groups. 

Why Has It Been Banned Now?

The Central government, after deciding to ban the PFI, stated, ” in case of no immediate control of the PFI’s affiliates and its unlawful activities, the PFI and its associates will continue the subversive activities, disturbing the constitutional set up of our nation. 

Notably, the 8 fronts of PFI, which have been banned by the Central government, are –

1. Rehab India Foundation (RIF)

2. Campus Front of India (CFI)

3. All India Imams Council (AIIC) 

4. National Confederation of Human Rights Organization (NCHRO)

5. National Women’s Front

6. Junior Front 

7. Empower India Foundation 

8. Rehab Foundation, Kerala.

As stated by the Centre in its notification banning PFI, the ban was recommended by the governments of Karnataka, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, with various raids in Maharashtra and many more states, questions were being raised against the activities of PFI. 

Furthermore, the official notification by the Central government, reads:

“PFI and its associates or affiliates or fronts have been involved in the violent terrorist activities with an intent to create a reign of terror in the country, thereby endangering the security and public order of the state, and the anti-national activities of PFI disrespect and disregard the constitutional authority and sovereignty of the state and hence an immediate and prompt action is required against the organisation.”

Reportedly, the police raids against the Popular Front of India (PFI) on Tuesday resulted in the arrest of more than 250 PFI members and associates or the people linked to the organisation.

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