What Is Resisting Canadians To Celebrate Their National Day, Canada Day?

Indigenous of Canada have united together to cancel the Canada day celebration owing to pay tribute to the genocide of 215 children.

Every 1st July Canada celebrates the anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, a constitutional Act, 1867 was passed which united three separate colonies into one. Initially, Canada day was named ‘Dominion Day’ and was renamed by Canada Act 1982.

Last year’s reported discovery of remains of 215 indigenous children in a residential school of Kamloops, British Columbia, where the students forcibly kept away from their families and often get punished for speaking their language and follow their culture, and the recent killing of all the members of Muslim family except a nine-year boy by a white man triggered a debate over this year’s celebration of Canada Day. Because of this the hashtag #cancelCanada Day has been trending for the past few days.

Ontario’s First nation and Victoria’s city council declared that they will drop the scheduled Canada Day celebration. Keewaywin First Nation wants to mark the day as a day of mourning and the city will hold an event in September to highlight Indigenous Stories and histories. Idle No More, an ongoing justice movement of the natives has announced several rallies to be conducted to honour the day in the remembrance of all the lives lost to Canadian State- Indigenous lives, Black lives, Migrant lives, Women and Trans lives and Two-Spirit lives.

Citizens of Canada think that without building a reconciliation framework with Indigenous communities and until the ongoing matters get fixed, it is hard to celebrate the day.

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