What Is Squid Game? Why This Korean Show Is Popular All Over The World?

What Is Squid Game? Why This Korean Show Is Popular All Over The World?

Social Media for the past few weeks has been all about Netflix’s all new show ‘Squid Game’. The violent thriller South Korean series is directed by the acclaimed director Hwang Dong-hyuk. The theme of the show has forced the audience to compare it with ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘The Battle Royale’. The eye popping gore and the nail-biter scenes make the show much more appealing to the audience.

What really makes Squid Game such a popular show is the hidden timely message behind its tense scenes and theme. A team of South Koreans, who are all trapped in heavy debts, are lured to an island and asked to play a series of games, which will eventually make them walk out a multimillionaire out of that island. But the show is much darker than that. The games aren’t some regular kids’ games, but the most disgusting yet interesting games you’ll ever see.

However, hidden behind it is a message for the world. The show combines the brilliant performance of the actors with an interpretation and exhibition of the inequality and economic exploitation existing in Korea. The games aren’t all that the show’s got. People are completely addicted to the show and in recent times, it has turned out to be the biggest show on Netflix. 

The universal yet political message of the show, the unwatchable nail-biting thriller scenes, a lot of gore, the brilliant performances of all the actors and the show’s outbreak on social media memes has been the reason behind its unprecedented success. The moment you start watching the show, the theme and the set feels so fresh that you are addicted to it.

The show has rocketed up to the first position on Netflix Charts in over 90 Countries and Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has stated that it might turn out to be the biggest and the most successful show on Netflix, ever! It’s only been 9 days since the show has come out and has already beaten some of the most successful Netflix shows ever.

Here are some hilarious memes from the show as well!

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