What is “Thala”? Why Is The “Thala” Trend Getting Viral On The Internet

What is “Thala”? Why Is The “Thala” Trend Getting Viral On The Internet

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni never misses to impress his fans. Dhoni’s charisma and talented cricket skills are class apart which is why the whole nation loves him so much. 

Recently, the internet has been buzzing with a unique “Thala”. People have been calling Dhoni,  Thala and are also linking everything to the number 7 which is the jersey number of MS Dhoni. 

What is meant by Thala?

Thala means a leader. It also means ‘one who fights against adverse circumstances and achieves success’ or ‘a person who is known for his simplicity’. 

Dhoni had said goodbye to international cricket on 15 August 2020. However, he was seen playing in IPL 2020 played in UAE during the Corona epidemic.

Under his captaincy, Dhoni has made Chennai Super Kings win the title of this league thrice. He took charge of the team in IPL 2021 also. The die hard fans of Chennai Super Kings have named Dhoni a “Thala” which means a leader in Tamil. 

Now, the Thala wave hasn’t stopped yet. Dhoni fans are comparing Thala’s jersey number 7 with several amusing practices and facts around the world. 

For instance, one fan said the reason 7 janams are there is because of Thala. Another one said that there are 7 wonders in this world because Thala is the reason. 

Not only this, the fans are also connecting the dots of his jersey number with the 7 colors in rainbow and 7 continents. This shows how much the fans adore Dhoni and there’s no chance the Thala fever is stopping anytime sooner. 

The fever reached it’s peak when a Delhi school student got suspended for writing Thala his answer to every question.  

This bizarre incident has ignited the flame of Thala fever which doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Now netizens are connecting everything with “ Thala for a reason”. 

Here are few tweets by the fans

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