What Is The #DearNothing Controversy? Why Did This Hashtag Go Trending No. 1 On Twitter? Here’s All You Need To Know

“#DearNothing” – this hashtag went trending No. 1 instantly on Twitter in India, a few hours after the London-based business Nothing unveiled their phone (1). The hashtag witnessed most comments from the South Indian tech community mocking and criticising former OnePlus creator Carl Pei’s new company, unrelated to the purchase, launch, or characteristics of the smartphone. The Southern states of India seem to be dissatisfied with the London-based startup company. 

But what led to initiating the #DearNothing hashtag on Twitter? And why does the South Indian tech community look unhappy? 

Actually, it started with a famous YouTube channel – “Prasadtechintelugu”. This YouTuber released a video after the phone (1) was launched. Though is was a prank video where he unboxed an empty box, with a letter inside it, which says, “Hi Prasad, this device is not for the South Indians. Thank you.”

This video was made to oppose the London-based startup for not providing the review units to the regional content creators, but favouring only the Hindi content creators in India, contrary to the prerogative of a company. After this video was released, the screenshot of that letter went viral on Twitter and thousands of Tweets were posted criticizing the company. 

When #DearNothing went trending No. 1 on Twitter, Prasadtechintelugu, from his official Twitter handle, said:

“Thank You Darlings 😍  #DearNothing – Trending No.1 in India 🇮🇳”

Netizens on Twitter started blaming the London-based company for favouring Hindi creators over those from the other regions, especially the Southern states of India.

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