World Music Day 2023; Significance and History of Musical Day

Music can make or break your mood. Music is something that can soothe your soul and relax you off your stresses. It also has the capabilities of ruining your perfectly happy mood and tossing the tables around. Whatever the situation, is it incomplete without music. And to celebrate this rhythmic invention of God, we have World Music Day.

World music day

World Music Day is also known as fete de la musique. It is an annual celebration held on June 21 that celebrates the influence of music on people and its universal capability of connecting them. On this occasion, musicians from different genres and languages come together and foster their art. This day features several musicians and music lovers coming together and humming their hearts out to celebrate this beautiful art.

Theme of World Music Day 2023

The theme of world music day is yet to be disclosed but you can refer to the theme of previous year. The theme of World Music Day 2022 was “Music on the intersections” This theme was aimed at finding and appreciating music at intersectional level.


The history of World music day is taken aback to 1982 when French minister of culture Jack Lang suggested that there must be a day dedicated to music. Hence the fete de la musiq was celebrated. However there is another theory too. Another theory says that it can be traced back to 1976 when Joel Cohen proposed an all night fest to celebrate the summer Solstice. The inaugural festivities happened in Paris in 1982 that saw over 1000 musicians performing in the various parts of the city. Since then on this day, musicians have taken to the streets and started celebrating this day with love and rhythm.

Significance of World Music Day

World music day is celebrated to bring joy to the world. Nothing can bring more joy and happiness than music. It also plays a vital role in connecting people. This day encourages the appreciation of diverse music styles and languages. It also symbolizes the transformative power of music and its capabilities of fixing anything. On this day musicians from across the globe celebrate this art and show gratefulness for this lovely gift.

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