India vs Canada: What Is The Reason For Tussle Between The Two Countries? Explained

The tussle between India and Canada is still ongoing and amidst all this, the Canadian government has advised their citizens to take extra caution if they’re visiting India. But what is the reason behind this? India and Canada shared a decent bond and relation but what happened suddenly which made the Canadian government say this? 

Soon after the G20 summit, Justin Trudeau in a speech accused India for killing a Canadian citizen ( Kh*listani Leader) on the soil of Canada because of which the government expelled a senior Indian official in India. In return, the Indian government responded by expelling a Canadian official in India by thrashing all the allegations made by the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. 

This has led to sour diplomatic relations and a deep tussle between the two nations. 

Reason Behind The Tussle in between India and Canada

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a Canadian citizen who was popularized as a Kha*listani leader or an activist. In 2016, he was suspected for bombings in Punjab and in 2020 he became wanted in the whole country. Also in 2020, Nijjar was declared as a “terr*rist” by India. 


During an unfortunate series of events, on June 18 2023, Nijjar was gunned down in Surrey, BC. Now, on Monday Canadian PM Justin Trudeau addressed this issue. As per Trudeau, India might be responsible for the k*lling of Hardeep Singh Nijjar and the investigations are still underway. Not only this, the Canadian government also expelled the head of Indian Intelligence in Canada which sparked a row in between the two countries. 

India reacted to all the allegations by terming them absurd and motivated. The Indian government also responded by expelling Oliver Sylvestere, the Canadian intelligence Agency station chief in India. 

The expulsions in between both the countries have soured the mutual and diplomatic relations. India has been accusing the Canadian government for supporting the Kha*listani movement. India believes that whenever there is a pro Kha*listan movement in Canada against the sovereignty of India, the Canadian government does not take any action. The government does nothing to handle the situation, instead it supports such movements.

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