What Is The Soul-Shivering Real Incident Behind Netflix’s Latest Web Series ‘House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’?

What Is The Soul-Shivering Real Incident Behind Netflix's Latest Web Series ‘House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’?

On 1 July, 2018, ten members of a single family were found hanging in their house and one, the eldest member, the grandmother, was found strangled to death. The mysterious deaths of the eleven family members of the Bhatia, at Burari, Delhi have been called ‘The Burari Deaths’. Now, a Netflix Web Series on the same topic ‘House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’ has been released on the platform.

The Burari Deaths have been dubbed as some of the most mysterious death cases of recent times in India. The Police described it as a mass suicide in beginning, while later, speculations of it being a mass murder started showing up. Two men, six women and two teens were found hanging in the house courtyard, blindfolded with their mouths taped. Some of the bodies even had their hands tied up. They had their faces wrapped entirely and cotton stuffed into the ears.

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The eldest member of the family, 80-year old Narayani Devi, was found dead in another room but unlike the other members of the house. The Police suspected that she was strangled to death. In the early stages of the investigation, a murder case was registered by the Police. They called it as a possible mass suicide or a possible mass murder for occult reasons.

As the investigation proceeded, the case started unfolding a lot of mysteries. The Police found 11 diaries in the house, each maintained for a period of 11 years. Handwritten notes were found that had the same description written in them the way dead bodies were discovered. It had details written like hands and legs are to be tied and more. The notes also mentioned that everyone will tie their own hands and after the Kriya (ritual) is done, everyone will help each other in untying them, which was a hint that the family wasn’t planning to die. 

Other angles of the case list it as a death due to psychological disorder. Psychological experts felt that Lalit Chundawat (member of the family found dead) suffered from a delusional disorder and the rest of the family suffered from a ‘shared psychotic disorder’ wherein you blindly follow and trust the members of your group without questioning.

As of now, the Burari House, which is a three-storey 1070 sq. ft. property in North Delhi, is occupied by 2 families. The Kashyaps moved to the ground floor in January 2020 and run the Dhruv diagnostic Centre while the Alis, who have been looking after the property since 2018, occupy the second and the third floor. 

An interesting fact about the house is that it had 11 pipes on its outer wall and people have claimed that they were built for the spirits of the dead family members to escape from the house. While Ahmed Ali, the house carpenter, denies such claims and says that they were built just for ventilation. The house has been dubbed as ‘The Horror Home’ and neighbours have reported a spooky presence outside the house, which the owners straightforwardly deny.

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