What Karan Aujla Has To Say About The Million Views On A Youtube Video!

Jaskaran Singh pen name Karan Aujla is a singer and songwriter. He entered the industry at a very young age, the stardom he is enjoying now is all his hard work and dedication. He joined the industry all alone i.e. he has no godfather who can acquaint him with this glamorous world.

Whatever he had in the term of knowledge is his own earning, he fell and stood up, again fell and stood up the cycle goes on and on. Resultantly, he is a grounded man even after receiving all the name and fame. His songs speak to the volume of his success.

Karan Aujla Released The Track List Of The Album BacTHAfu*UP

Owing to project promotions he has given many interviews once he asked about the song’s view on the youtube video, he said initially he used to think 30-35 million views are not real and it’s not possible to have this many views.

But when his song ‘Don’t worry’ breaks the bar of 35 million, he has to believe in the view game as he has all the records that can prove its authenticity.

On the same side, the viewer business is also running at the same pace as 10k rupees can buy more than a lakh views. This business is just show business, it will not provide any financial benefit.

Whereas if the number of views is organic youtube benefits the content owner. He does not embed himself in this game and thinks if a song video is getting nearly 2 Million real views, the song, as well as the singer, has accomplished their goal.

Do You Know Which Incident Provoked Karan Aujla To Be A Singer

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